What is Bee-On by Never.no?

What is Dizplai?

Our flagship software, Dizplai, allows you to effortlessly engage with your audience and create dynamic content for broadcast and digital platforms. Here are some of the things you can do:

Content Moderation - Bridge the gap between your viewers and content by monitoring, tracking, and delivering audience engagement.
Voting and Polling - Gauge opinion or influence programming using social polls across multiple platforms to deliver live results.
Real-Time Graphics - Create advanced graphics for broadcast, streaming, social and events using our cloud-based rendering solution.
Competitions - Extend audience engagement beyond your programming or campaign and run high-volume socially enhanced competitions and contests.
Personal Response - Boost audience interaction and reward your audience with personalised auto-response content.
Dynamic Ad Campaigns - Use real-time social content, including images, videos, comments, or results such as polls and competition results; integrate into traditional live TV or digital ad campaigns, real-time to your advertising playlist.

For more information, visit https://dizplai.com